Here and Now

The No-Nonsense Mindfulness Practice to Finally Snap Out of a Slump.

Written by Grace Churchill

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‘Words can not describe how thankful I am for finding Juanelle for my books! Her first project for me required a voice that balances authority with warmth, and she delivered beyond expectations. In fact, I already have another project for her lined up and will be asking for her availability for future projects. Not only does she deliver great work, but she is also a joy to work with. She kept me in line when I did not give her a manuscript on time – I hope I have been forgiven :) and was communicative for each milestone along the way. It is evident that she genuinely cares about the quality of work as well as the long-term relationships she is building with her clients’ – Grace Churchill.

Publisher’s summary:


Find peace, stay present, and live life as a gift

The path to peace of mind is only seven steps away. Our relentless quest for the perfect Pinterest-worthy lifestyle has left us exhausted, distracted, and empty. So how can you find peace of mind, regain focus, and rebalance your life?

The answer lies in the most unexpected of places. Peace is not out there, but within you – and your breath can help you unlock it.

In Here and Now, you’ll discover:

  • Seven steps to mastering mindfulness through 30+ exercises
  • 10+ breathing techniques to help you master your breath, improve your concentration, and reduce stress
  • How to control your focus and bring it back to the present, no matter what’s going on around you
  • The inner critic, and how to finally silence it
  • A guide to self-compassion and identifying your purpose in life
  • And much more

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