About Juanelle

Swimming with Sky

Hello, my name is Juanelle Louise Holl. I’m a professional audiobook narrator, voice over artist and actor based in London, United Kingdom.

I am currently staying on a tropical island with my 2 boys in Thailand, called Koh Lanta, and loving it!

I narrated over 40 books on different platforms including fiction and non fiction, but specialize in Health, Wellness, Personal Growth and Spirituality. I have a degree in Psychology and background in working with vulnerable people in London, lifecoaching, reiki, yoga (teacher qualification done in India) and meditation. I also work as an actor for OSCEsmart doing simulation based UK Law bar-exam trainings. As you can imagine these mixture of skills puts me in the unique position to better understand what’s being communicated in the specialized fields mentioned above and makes it possible for me to ultimately…channel the author!

A local beach near our house

As a narrator of health and wellness, self-help, motivational and spiritual audiobooks, I understand the impact that a skilled narrator can have on the listener’s experience. It is my goal to convey the author’s message in a way that is easy to understand, warm, smooth and engaging. I feel a sense of responsibility to help others access the valuable insights contained in these audiobooks.

What listeners say:
I’ve been told by countless people that they sometimes struggle to find a voice in the self-improvement and self-development areas of audiobooks that is easy to listen to. They also often comment that my audiobooks really helped them. This is due to not only the books themselves being stellar ..obviously, but also because my voice sounded genuine, soothing, engaging and non-patronizing, which apparently is hard to find in the self-help genre of Audiobooks.
If you’ve enjoyed any of the audiobooks that I narrated and would like to purchase more, then please get in touch via the contact page. If you’d like, I’ll add your name to our list of followers waiting for the next publication. I can also send you my list of personal recommendations and where to find them.

I will continue to share some of the books that I think was particularly amazing in my blogs on this website as well as any new favourites on the home page since I’ve been told that I have a knack at spotting the gems that actually do change lives. ☺️♥️ Happy listening!!

Why hire me to narrate your audiobook?

  • Professional Recording Studio at home, Editing, Mastering and Production Using Audacity Software, recorded in Mono
  • Complete Narration and Production of Your Project/Audiobook From Beginning of Manuscript to ACX Upload
  • In-Depth Read Of Material to Develop Unique Voice Specifically Designed for your Project/Audiobook
  • Professional Working Relationship
  • Great, Constant Communication and Collaboration with Authors and Publishers
  • High-Quality Products
  • Quick Turn-Around Time
  • Excellent Actor’s Instinct
  • Superb Physical Endurance
  • Professional Voice Descriptors: Articulate, Animated, Approachable, Authentic, Believable, Casual, Charismatic, Clear, Conversational, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Soothing, Smooth, Velvety, Genuine, Knowledgable, Natural, Polished, Trustworthy