Pricing and Timelines

My prices and work schedules

Once you’ve selected a publisher and narrator, it’s time to record the audiobook. This process can take several days or even weeks, depending on the length of your book. Work with your publisher to ensure that the recording process goes smoothly (or directly with the narrator if you are publishing your audiobook yourself).

Some narrators who have their own teams for mastering and editing, such as myself, are able to deliver projects in a much shorter amount of time. They might however charge more for this convenience.


I complete one hour of finished product (around 9000 words) in ONE DAY or 24 hours.

This means if your manuscript is 18 000 words long (2 hours of listening time), then it will take me two days to email you the final product. Please note, due to working with a team, the turnaround time is exceptionally fast. You should expect longer waiting periods with other narrators. I would recommend enquiring about the narrator’s turnaround time per finished hour of project before agreeing to work together and use this in your decision making.


I charge $100-$200 per finished hour of project, depending on how long the project is and whether there are any more books in the pipeline. So if your book is 2 hours long (around 18 000 words) then it will cost $200 to narrate, edit, master and produce. Due to living in Thailand my expenses are significantly reduced and I’m able to charge a more affordable rate.

Editing and post-production

After the audiobook has been recorded, it’s time to edit and post-produce the final product. This process involves removing any mistakes, adding any music, making sure there aren’t background noises and ensuring that the audio quality is up to ACX standards (which is very high). The Narrator also needs to make sure they use the the correct amount of seconds at the start and end of each chapter, the credits are correct and in line with the book’s cover and that the retail sample is correct. Basically these and all the other different necessary bits need to be in place in order to pass the notoriously difficult ACX quality and assurance team’s assessment of the project, or it will be sent back.

Lastly, it’s also possible to do rereads of chapters and parts of the book for an additional price open to negotiation upon the narrator’s discretion or previously agreed upon terms with the author or publisher. I offer a free one time correction of any mistakes or mispronunciation of words (within bounds as different accents possibly pronouncing words in another way) and further rereads regarding tone or pace for an additional fee. But I rarely have any of these requests as I’m able to pick up the tone, feel and pace of the book naturally.