Success Through Subconscious Mastery

Achieve Your Dreams by Integrating the Power of Hypnotherapy into Your Everyday Life

Audible listeners’ reviews: 

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟‘Beautifully soothing

I’ve listed to a LOT of hypnotherapy audiobooks (surprisingly enough) and this has to be among my very favorites. I’ve used hypnotherapy to quit smoking, to stop a shopping addiction, and more. But this was probably the most useful and powerful hypnotherapy audiobook I’ve ever listed to. This helps on so many levels. It was extremely well produced, the narrator Juanelle Louise Holl was brilliantly chosen. Her accent and soothing tones made me forget that it was a hypnotherapy book all together and I found myself genuinely paying attention to everything even while thinking that I wasn’t.’

-Sandra 08/29/22


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟‘An Engaging Foundational Book About Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

The writing and the narrator kept me listening straight through on my first listen (there will be a welcome 2nd listen!)! I was engaged and I enjoyed the company of the beautiful reading. Lovely energy all around and relatable for anyone in any walk of life—- It even offers instructions for anyone wanting to try self hypnosis. It communicates true potential of hypnosis to a broader audience as it clearly applies to all people open to learning, who want to improve their lives on a conscious and subconscious level. This is a book as needed and helpful as the the therapy itself — it should be in every library for for all to access, enjoy, and reference. Absolutely lovely. Thank you!’

  • MamaGee 08/24/22



What an educational and revealing experience! This was actually my first time hearing about hypnotherapy as well as how to bring about a true utilization of our subconscious mind. The clear and informative voice of the narrator was also very useful and helping to understand these concepts. Will definitely be trying some of the techniques in this program to aid myself to achieve what I want! Highly recommend to anyone to take a quick listen!’

-Jack Carling 7/25/22


Publisher’s summary:

Success Through Subconscious Mastery, Ausra Cerniauskiene, CHt, provides a road map for using the power of hypnotherapy as the foundation for achieving your goals and reaching your dreams. Equipped with the strategies and techniques described in this book, you’ll discover how to intentionally guide your inner mind toward your deepest desires with a greater sense of conviction than ever before. Most importantly, you’ll come to recognize the unlimited power you have within you to create your own exceptional future. It’s time to step into who you are truly meant to be, and Success Through Subconscious Mastery will show you the way.