I had a lovely swim in the sea this morning with my youngest, Axl, one and a half. There was a huge school of little grey fish that kept surrounding us and the water was crystal clear, shallow, smooth and the most beautiful turquoise colour. A few sailboats spotted the horizon and my little boy ran arms outstretched and squealed with the ebb and flow. Again, I marveled at what a gem this place is and how blessed we are to live in this paradise.

Helloooo everyone. As you know by now my name is Juanelle. I’m a British, single mom living on Koh Lanta, Thailand, in our house in the middle of the jungle with my two boys, Axl, one and a half, Sky, two and a half, and our three cats Rasta, Reggie and Midnight. I’ve been residing here for the past 7 years working on mastering the creation of my reality and following my bliss.

I guess this is my first ever blog and it’s meant for me to introduce myself and show you who I really am but let me tell you that for someone who’s never written anything personal for public consumption..that’s a lot of pressure! So instead of raising my stress levels trying to capture my life in its entirety, I’ll just add a few things that I love into this first blog and will end off with my future intentions of blogging.

Things I absolutely adore…here goes…animals, traveling, live concerts, festivals, conscious workshops, sleeping, meditating, doing yoga, reading, doing nothing, planning, dreaming,  greenery, flowers, insects, leaves, rain, sunshine, blue skies, clouds, sunsets and sunrises and doing my narration work. I especially enjoy the presence channeling the author brings me. I’m super aware of my breath, the tone and pace of my voice, my body posture, the feeling in my body and connecting with the author as well as the listeners. Some more things I love… running my fingers through a bowl of smooth pebbles or marbles, avocados, berries, coconut oil, the bush, the jungle, the woods, singing, playing piano, making love, the smell of bread or scones fresh out of the oven, the smell of cut grass, the smell of rain approaching and the drop in temperature just before it starts raining, intimacy, being with my friends, laughing, being goofy, peeing, pooing, eating good food prepared by a good chef, dressing up and going out, swimming, generally being in and close to water , showering, bathing, brushing my hair, tickles, I absolutely love music (everything except death metal and some techno music but not all), movies, connecting with people, I love love love dancing and catch myself dancing several times a day….riding on the bike -I wiggle my shoulders a bit and tap my fingers, what constitutes dancing anyway!? Dance in the shopping centers down the isles, on the treadmill at the gym, dance on our balcony with my boys…you get the idea. I love my kids. Obviously. But there are a hundred small things that they do that I just love!

And these small things as well as many many more things that I love will eventually be mentioned in future blogs I’m sure. Please, dear reader, do not judge me too harshly for my ramblings but I was told to show the real me and figure a stream of consciousness writing will be best suited to my personality. Yes I have many moments of sadness and heaviness just like everyone else. But today’s goal was listing what I love and I hope it has given you some insight into my inner workings 😆 haha! 

So let me end here by saying I intend to give you a glimpse inside this kooky little family’s island life here on Koh Lanta with the quirks, the mundane and the crazy, wild and beautiful . So that’s it! Thank you for your time 😁.

Some island views