What a beautiful day today! There’s a soft breeze on the beach today moving the shell hanging ornaments and dream catchers at our local beach restaurant and making soft clickety and bell type sounds. The sea’s comforting ebb and flow is always in the background and the water is turquoise , clear and smooth. I listen to the locals speak their Thai language which is so very foreign to the Germanic and Romance languages that I’m used to. Even though I’ve been here for 7 years and can speak Basic Thai, it still jars me to the present moment and makes me aware that I will always be a guest here. 

Two days ago I posted on our local ‘Koh lanta conscious community’ Facebook group that I’ll be holding the space for a silent one-hour meditation at my house and it ended up being seriously amazing! There are moments in life that are there to remind you of what really matters and I’m so grateful that I can have these moments on Koh Lanta quite often. What matters most to me is being authentic, present and feeling everything that’s there to be felt. To me it feels like the jungle and the nature around us is very healing. The birds, insects, wind, earth..all the sounds in perfect harmony and bringing you back to where you are right now. Here in this moment. And back to the realization that you are exactly where you need to be right now.  

Currently I’m sitting with Phil my website developer. We like to work together at our local restaurant called ‘Rasta Chill’ and enjoy the beautiful ‘office on the beach’ together doing online marketing before I go do my recording work at home. Phil is a great character. He’s from a small town in West Yorkshire, but has been living in Scotland for the past 12 years. He’s moved here from a big remote farmhouse in the Scottish Borders and has opted instead to live on our gorgeous little island in a small Thai hut with a scooter. He’s happier out here.. living a simpler life. And I must admit..SO AM I. 

He’s got a wicked sense of humor and I just love his company..and even though he’s in his mid 60s he‘s more in touch with the times than most, has an open mind, and is so quick with his humor and wit ..it’s sometimes hard for me to keep up! He’s also razor sharp when it comes to online marketing (especially through social media) and making websites. He’s showed me some marketing tricks with the website that I’ve found crazy helpful. He’s even taken time out to educate me in how to continue maintaining and managing my own website! Actually, due to him having such low living costs here, he’s able to make websites at a fraction of the cost. He’s still working with clients in the UK and abroad so…..feel free to give me a shout if you know someone needing a website! 

Anyway.. A week ago I said goodbye to two best friends of mine who came to live with us for three weeks. They had an absolute blast..diving, hiking to the waterfall, hanging out with the kids, drinking cocktails on the beach and of course..there was the dancing till early hours in the morning! What a ride having them here..and guess what!? They’ve moved up their moving-to-Thailand date and it is now only 18 months! Yesss..they’re also moving to this amazing slice of paradise and it’s a good thing too..as it will be amazing for the kids to grow up with their godparents being around :) It’s very hot and humid and I think it’s time for a swim before heading back to my recording studio! Till next time and thanks for reading!

P.s. my next blog will be about the benefits about making an audiobook if you’re a writer or a publisher.

My friends go diving

Having the biggest dinner ever at ‘Otto’s’ on Klong Nin beach, Koh Lanta

My Little House in The Jungle