Where TF have I Been? Writing Saucy Audiobooks, That’s Where!

Ayyy fam, I know it’s been a hot minute since I posted a new blog here. But I have a fabulous excuse for going AWOL – I’ve been elbow-deep creating my very own cheeky self-narrated audiobook series!

That’s right, after years of lending my warm and uplifting voice talents to other authors, I finally decided to get freaky and write some deliciously intimate content myself. Which meant diving headfirst into narrating and self-publishing too. It’s been a wild ride, let me tell you! Click the pic to find the book.

So what’s this new series all about? Well, the first two audios out the gate are called KINK and Meditations for Couples. But trust me, this is just the start – I’ve got way more devilishly delightful books coming to awaken all your senses.

KINK is basically a fun-as-hell BEGINNER’S guide to embracing your kinky side with your partner. We’re talking bondage, roleplay, sensation play, domination/submission – the whole shebang! Through real-life stories from my partner and mine, as well as other frisky couples, you’ll see how getting a lil contemptuous can completely transform your intimacy and spiritual connection.

My warm narration voice makes even the raunchiest stuff feel refreshingly shame-free and natural. I’ll teach you all about aftercare, communication, and safely indulging your unique kinks together. Time to unleash that wild side, baby!

Once you’re feeling nice and open, cozy up with Meditations for Couples. This narration journey is filled with my sultriest guided practices to amplify mindfulness and presence with your lover. We’ve got tantra breathing for ecstatic spiritual sex, chakra balancing to align your energies, communication tools to stop corny fights in their tracks, and more. Click the pic to find the book.

These meditations helped my partner and I course-correct so much faster anytime we hit a rough patch. They’re like love-soothing affirmations reminding you of your unbreakable bond. Prepare for major healing and heart-opening!

I could keep rambling about all the spicy, intimacy-rekindling goodness inside, but you’ll just have to listen for yourself! Click here to check out some sample clips and see if my signature vocal stylings do it for you.

Then grab the KINK and Meditations for Couples audiobooks on Audible, Amazon, iTunes or Google Play. The ebook versions are available too if you’d rather read along while I narrate the juicy bits.

More boundary-pushing books in this multi-part series are already in the works, so stay tuned for even more fabulously freaky content dropping soon! For now, let’s just say an extended hiatus from posting was beyond worth it to bring y’all these mind-expansive and levelling up narration experiences.

I’m back, baybee – and this time with a completely new way to blow your mind (and potentially your partner too)! Haha jokes. But seriously promise to be on here more often and do monthly blogs .